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Price List

Subject to Availability. Contact us If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions regarding the items listed.
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3COM 3CR1776-91 Switch 4500G 24-Port $159
Abakus B4S16PL Adapter B4 to PL, Super16mm for 2/3" lenses $1,799
Abakus Stadium Lens $8,999
ADC HD Patch Panel PPE1232 MVJT-BK (1 RU 2x32) $449
ADV VI-24 PTY BNC Bulkhead Panel $199
AJA D5CE w/No Power Supply $49
AJA FR2 R-Series 10-slot Rackmount Frame $199
AJA FS1 Frame Synchronizer and Bi-directional Converter $1,799
AJA FS1 Universal SD/HD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer/Converter $1,999
AJA FS2 Dual Universal 3G SD/HD Audio/Video Frame Sync/Conv. $2,399
AJA HA5 HDMI to SDI/HD-SDI Video and Audio Converter $225
AJA HA5-4K HDMI to 4K SDI Mini Converter $595
AJA HD10AMA HD/SD 4 Channel Analog Audio Embed/De-Embed $399
AJA HD10MD3 HD to SD-SDI & Analog Downconverter $599
AJA HDP2 HD-SDI / SD-SDI to DVI-D and Audio Converter $399
AJA Hi5 HD-SD/SDI to HDMI Video & Audio Converter $225
AJA Ki Pro Quad w/ PAK 512GB, 2 256GB Cards & Reader $2,699
Aja Ki-Pro Quad Recorder $1,899
AJA Ki-Pro Rack Rackmount Recorder/Player $1,199
AJA Ki-Stor-Dock External Dock for Ki-Stor Storage Modules $199
AJA R20AD Analog Video to SDI Converter Card $99
AJA R20CE Card Universal D/A Converter $99
AJA R44E SDI to Analog Video Converter (Decoder) $99
AJA RH10MD HD-SDI to SDI Down DA Converter $1,299
AJA RH10UC HD Up-converter - SDI - HD-SDI Converter $349
AKG KM251 Tripod Microphone Stand $69
Alphatron EVF-035W-3G 3.5" LED Electronic Viewfinder $699
Ambient ACL 202CT Time Code Box W/ Trilevelsync Option $599
Ambient ACL 204 Lockit ACN Time Code/Sync Generator $599
Ambient Recording ACL 203 Tri-Level Sync Lockit Set $599
Anton Bauer 8375-0094 QRC-Gold Mount Kit $49
Anton Bauer 8375-0176 QRC-LG Mount with Stand Clamp $99
Anton Bauer 8475-0131 7.2V L-Series Charger $139
Anton Bauer 8675-0097 Digital 190 V-Mount Battery $399
Anton Bauer AC Adapter for Tandem 150 $149
Anton Bauer Dual 2701 w/AC $299
Anton Bauer Lifesaver Quad Fast Charger (Logic Series) $99
Anton Bauer Quad 2702 Charger w/ac $399
Anton Bauer Quad 2702 Four Position Power Charger $399
Anton Bauer Tandem 150 Watt Charger/Power Supply $349
Anton Bauer Tandem 70 Watt Charger/Power Supply $299
Anton Bauer UL2-20 Ultralight-2 On-Camera Light $49
Anton Bauer Ultra Light Sungun w/Chimera Soft Box $49
Anton Bauer Ultralight On-Camera Light w/AB Plate $49
Aphex 2020-1905 Audio Processor $1,099
Apogee Rosetta 800 A/D/A Converter $749
Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station $175
Arri AS-01 Lightweight Light Stand $49
Arri K0.60148.0 MFF-2 Follow Focus Cine Kit $1,099
Arri MB-19 4x5.65 Matte Box $1,599
Arri Studio 5000 Light $899
Ashly MX-206 6x2 Analog Stereo Rackmount Mixer $129
ATEN CE775L Dual View KVM Extender (Local) $899
ATEN CE800BL USB KVM Extender (Local) $499
Autocue - Master Series Prompter 8" $1,999
Autocue/QTV QMaster Prompting Software & QBox Pkg w/Controller $2,299
Autocue/QTV USB Foot Control $199
Autocue/QTV USB Two-Button Scroll Controller $199
Autocue/QTV Wireless Hand Control $75
Avenger F830TH Heavy Duty Baby to Junior Swivel Pin $39
Avid Adrenaline Editor $149
Avocent LV420-AM Longview Transmitter $149
Avocent LV430-AM Longview Interconnect $149
Avocent LV430-AM Longview Receiver $149
Avocent LV430-AM Longview Transmitter $149
Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain Pro-8 A/D/A Converter $99
Behringer MDX2100 Composer 2CH Compressor/Limiter/Gat $99
Beyer DT 108 Single Headset $149
Beyer DT 290 Double Headset $199
Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub $1,299
Blackmagic Mini Converter HDMI to SDI $129
Blackmagic Mini Converter SDI to Audio $149
Blackmagic Mini Converter SDI to HDMI $149
Blackmagic MultiView16 Multiviewer 16-Port $849
Blackmagic OpenGear 21 Slot Frame, Full Networking $999
Blackmagic OpenGear Audio to SDI Converter Card $279
Blackmagic Teranex 3D HD/SD-SDI/3G Processor $2,299
Blonder Tongue HDE-4S-QAM MPEG-2 Encoder 4xHD-SDI $4,499
BSS London SoundWeb BLU-80 Signal Processor w/Cobranet $499
Cable PSC Breakaway Harness 25' SD442 $199
Camera Corps Adjustable Ball Joint V4111-1108 $109
Camera Corps Adjustable Spigot Mount V4111-2043 $129
Camera Corps Mini joystick panel V4111-0003 $999
Camera Corps Q-Ball "Black" HD/SD Pre-Set Robotic Camera $3,999
Camera Corps Q-Ball Preset w/cable, ps, interface, & case $9,309
Camera Corps Q-Ball V4111-0001 $9,629
Camera Corps Universal RCP - desk mount V4111-0005 $1,409
Camera Corps Wide Angle Lens Adaptor V4111-2044 $89
Canon BU-47H PTZ Camera $5,599
Canon CR-30 Focus Contoller $299
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Autofocus Lens $999
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Zoom Lens $1,099
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens $1,399
Canon EOS EF C300 Cinema Camcorder $3,999
Canon FD 150-600MM High Zoom Ratio Lens $9,599
Canon FDJ-P01 Focus Demand (Digital Servo) $1,499
Canon FFC-200 Focus Contoller $299
Canon FFC-200 Focus Control $299
Canon FFP-T61 Flexible Focus Control $249
Canon FM-1 Focus Gear $99
Canon FMJ-702 Flexible Module $699
Canon Focus Mod CR-30 $299
Canon HJ14ex4.3B IRSE HD Wide Angle Lens $8,999
Canon HJ22ex7.6B IRSE Camera Lens $7,999
Canon XJ60x9B IE-D DigiSuper 60 XS Lens w/P01 Lens Control $54,999
Canon ZDJ-P01 Servo Zoom $299
Card - AJA KI-SSD512USB 512GB SSD for Ki-Pro/Rack $799
Card - OWC 480GB Mercury Electra 6G SSD for Pix260/270 $199
Card - Panasonic AJ-P2E064FG 64GB F-Series P2 Card (All Pan) $299
Card - SanDisk 960GB Extreme Pro SSD for PIX270 $349
Card - SanDisk ExtremePro Compact Flash 64GB (C300) $69
Card - Sony SBP-128B SxS PRO+ 128GB Card for F5/55 $499
Card - Sony SBP-64B SxS PRO+ 64GB Card for F5/55 $349
Card - Sony SBS-16G1B 16GB SxS Card for PMW-EX3/300 $69
Card - Sony 128GB G Series XQD V2 (Sony FS-7) $499
Century 72mm 3.5 Achromatic Diopter $249
Century Precision WA-8XIF-20 0.8X Zoom-Thru WA IF Converter Lens w/Pelican Case $249
Chrosziel 401-415 LWS DVX-100 $99
Chrosziel 410-18 100mm to 90mm Stepdown $49
Chrosziel 410-19 100mm to 85mm Stepdown $49
Chrosziel 410-28 100mm to 86mm Stepdown $49
Chrosziel 410-39 85mm $29
Chrosziel 411-40 110mm to 86mm Stepdown $35
Chrosziel 411-41 110mm to 95mm Stepdown $35
Chrosziel 411-44 110mm to 98mm Stepdown $35
Chrosziel 411-45 110mm to 95mm Stepdown $35
Chrosziel 411-46 110mm to 100mm Stepdown $35
Chrosziel 411-60 110mm to 130mm Stepdown $35
Chrosziel Clip-On MatteBox (CF-SS/130) $1,499
Chrosziel Clip-On MatteBox M2 (CF-SS/110) $999
Chrosziel CLWAH-F4,5 Housing $899
Chrosziel CWAH $1,999
Chrosziel FF (203-01) Follow Focus $1,599
Chrosziel MB 565 Cine.1 Clamp-On MatteBox $1,399
Chrosziel S1001 3x3 Sunshade $199
Chrosziel SD412 110mm Sunshade $699
Chyron Camio HA On-Air Graphics Control Center $4,999
Cinemecanix C1 Pro-Rig w/ Handheld Cine Rig & Tripod Baby Pin Adapter $1,399
Cine-Tal CineMage 24" Monitor $1,899
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch 24 Port 10/100-2PT $629
Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Switch 48 Port $629
Clear-Com 110/340 13" Gooseneck Mic for VSeries/HelixNet Panels $129
Clear-Com CC-95 Single Headset $99
Clear-Com CCT-RT Tempest 2.4GHz Remote Transceiver w/Roaming $1,199
Clear-Com CP-100 Single Channel Intercom Beltpack (Used) $99
Clear-Com CP-242 Tempest 2.4GHz Dual Listen Beltpack w/Roaming $1,299
Clearcom EF-701M 4-Wire Interface w/Call Signal $499
Clear-Com TW-40 Two-Way Radio Interface $149
Clear-Com VSeries Panel 12 Lever XLR5 HS $1,349
Clear-Com WBS-670 with 3-TR700 Beltpacks $1,799
Cobalt 4040 Component Conv. $249
Comtek PR-216 76-88 (TV 5/6) IFB Receiver Bodypack $229
Countryman Omni Electret Condenser Headset Microphone $299
CR QMOD-SDI HD-SDI Modulator $1,399
Crown CTS-1200 2CH Power Amplifier $399
Crown D60 Amp $79
David Clark HS9000 Double Muff Headset w/ 5M Connector $99
DirectOut Andiamo MADI AD/DA 32 Channel Audio Converter SC/MM 24dBm $1,499
DirectOut Andiamo.MC 32 Ch MADI Microphone Amp $5,499
DirectOut Andiamo2 XT MADI/AES 32Ch AD/DA Converter SM $2,599
DNF Controls TBC-2-S 19" Rack TBC Controller $49
Dotworkz BR-MPM2-AC Pole Mount Extended Pack w/Angle Corrector $75
Dotworkz D2 Cooldome 24V Camera Enclosure $599
Dotworkz EZ Lock Pole Mount Adapter BR-MPM1 $49
Dotworkz KT-CDR-2 Cooldome 12V Outdoor Power Pack $349
DPA 4061-BM Omni Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone Black Microdot $299
DPA 4061-FM Omni Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone Beige Microdot $299
Dugan Model E 8x2 Digital Desktop Automixer $1,599
EchoLab Overture MD 16x4 Out HD Switcher $3,299
Embrionix MADI Transceiver Module, HDBNC, Non-Reclocking $499
ESE ES-243 Qual 1x6 Time Code Isolation/Distribution Amp $399
Evertz 500DA2Q-HD 1x8 HD DA (2x4) $299
Evertz 500DA-AESU Unbalanced AES Audio DA $99
Evertz 500FC-DA-HD/1X8 HD DA (Used) $499
Evertz 500FR Compact High Density Distribution Frame $549
Evertz 5010-24FPS Time Code Master Generator $299
Evertz 501ADA-EQ Analog Video Distribution Amplifier $169
Evertz 7700ADA-AUD Dual Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier $199
Evertz 7700ADA-EQ Analog Video Equalizing DA Card $299
Evertz 7700DA7-3G 3G/HD/SD-SDI Reclocking DA $599
Evertz 7700DA7-HD HDI SDI Reclocking DA (1X7) $599
Evertz 7700DA-AESU+1RU Autoequalizing unbalanced ASE/EBU Distribution Amplifer $299
Evertz 7700FC VistaLINK Frame Controller $499
Evertz 7700FC+3RU VistaLINK Frame Controller $599
Evertz 7700FR-C+7PS 3RU Multiframe $399
Evertz 7707VAT HD/SDI w/ 4 AES Audio Fiber Transmitter $599
Evertz 7710DCDA-HD Rear Plate $599
Evertz 7710XUC-AES4-HD+3RU HD Up/Cross/Down Converter $3,999
Evertz 7720ADC-A4+3RU Quad Anallog Audio to Dual AES Converter $599
Evertz 7721AD8-HD+3RU HD-SDI De-Embedder $699
Evertz 7721AE4-HD+3RU HD 4 AES Audio HD-SDI Embedder $999
Evertz 7721AE8-HD+3RU HD 8 AES Audio HD-SDI Embedder $999
Evertz 7732PHT-HD HD Progressive Format Translator (Inserts 3:2 pulldown in 1080p/24 for 1080i/60 ca $299
Evertz 7746FS-EAES8-HD Frame Synchronizer $1,799
Evertz 7746FSE-HD+3RU HD/SD SDI Frame Synchronizer $1,499
Evertz 7750SRG-HD Slave Reference Generator $499
Evertz 7751TG2-HD Test Generator w/ Embedded Audio $1,499
Evertz 7767VIP12-HSN-G+3RU HD/SDI/NTSC/PAL Inputs $4,999
Evertz 7800FR+78P 3RU Multiframe w/Frame Genlock $1,129
Evertz 7800-FR-QT 3RU Multiframe (QUIET) $1,129
Evertz 7837CD2 Dual Comp. Analog Video A to B Converter $499
Evertz 7847FSE-3G+3RU 3G/HD/SD-SDI Frame Synchronizer $1,999
Evertz CP-2272E 72 Button 2RU Router Panel $2,999
Evertz DC-458DR DreamCatcher II 3G/HD/SD/MPEG2 16CH Server $84,999
Evertz DreamCatcher Logging Station $7,999
Evertz HD2014 Multi-Path Video Converter Sync Decoder 4x Path 1RU $4,999
Evertz HD9626DSK High Definition Downstream Keyer $5,499
Evertz S7701FR Single Frame $199
EVS IP Director Workstation 3RU Intel i7 $1,999
EVS IPD SQL Database Server $2,999
EVS RCU Remote Control Unit $1,999
EVS XT Access Transcode Server 1RU w/ 10GigE $2,999
EVS XT HD File Broadcast Server $999
Flolight Microbeam 512 Daylight LED $299
Folsom ImagePro HD $3,999
Fujinon A16x9.5BRM-28C 2/3" Broadcast Lens $149
Fujinon ACM-18 Lens Adapter for PMW-EX3 $149
Fujinon BFH-1 Focus Modules w/Cable $299
Fujinon EPD-4A-E02 Servo Focus Cable $199
Fujinon ERD-20A-A02 $899
Fujinon ERD-21B Zoom Control $849
Fujinon ERD-22B Zoom Control $849
Fujinon Focus Block Set $299
Fujinon HA13x4.5BERM-M48B $4,999
Fujinon HA16x6.3BERM-M48 $4,999
Fujinon HA22x7.8BERM-M48 $8,999
Fujinon HA42x9.7-BERD-U48 2/3" 42x ENG HDTV Lens w/2x Extender & Image Stabilizing $43,999
Fujinon MCA-1A Focus Control $399
Fujinon XA77x9.5BESM HD Telephoto Zoom Lens $54,999
Fujinon ZA12x4.5BERD F/S HD Wide Angle Lens $7,999
Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERD F/S HD Camera Lens $8,999
Fujinon ZK2.5X14 (14-35MM) Cabrio Zoom Lens w/Clear Filter $20,999
Fujinon ZK3.5x85 (85-300mm) Cabrio Zoom Lens $20,999
Furman P-1800 PF Power Conditioner/Surge Suppressor $99
Furman PL-8 8 Outlet Power Conditioner $99
Garner CDS-4000FS Eliminator $1,299
Garner Degausser 680 $999
Genelec 8330A SAM Studio Monitor $599
Glimmer Glass 1 Filter (4x5.650) $199
Gobo Kit $99
GoPro HERO4 Black HD Camera $299
Grass Valley LDK 4425 3G Fiber Power Converter $3,999
Grass Valley LDK OCP-400 Remote Control Panel $1,499
Grass Valley LDX 86 XtremeSpeed Camera Head $59,999
Grass Valley LDX XCU Elite CCU $8,999
GS1U-028 1U 10 Channel Line Identifier $599
GVG 8500 Video DA Tray (holds 8 cards) w/AC $49
GVG 8502/8802 1x6 EQ Video DA Card $29
GVG 8551 Audio DA Card $25
GVG 8900 T2 SDI DA Tray (holds 10 cards) w/AC $199
Harris / Leitch 16x4 Panacea HD/SD SDI Router $2,299
Harris / Leitch 32x8 CQP PANACEA Dual-CH Routing Switcher $2,599
Harris Panacea 16x16 AES/EBU Coaxial Digital Routing Switcher $899
Hitomi MB-1RU-1G1R MatchBox Generator/Reader System $13,999
HME DX200 - BP200 2.4GHz Beltpack $349
Hollywood Beefy Stand $149
Hotronic AP41-SW Time Base Corrector / Frame Synchronizer $99
Icom IC-R5 Wireless Reciever $99
Icom IC-R6 Communications Receiver $199
IDX Delta 4A Battery Charger $249
Ikegami T-791 Tripod Mounting Plate $99
IOGEAR GCS1734 4-Port USB/PS2/Audio/Periph $39
ISIS Group Digital A/V Switcher S8400 System $499
JFS XL-1 Fiber Reel $399
JVC BR-D85UNS Editing Recorder $399
JVC KM-1200 Color Special Effects Generator Console $149
JVC SR-1500ER Blu-Ray Disc & HDD Recorder $599
JVC SR-HD2700US Blu-Ray Disc & HDD Recorder w/HD-SDI $1,599
K World Video Editing DVD Maker USB O38-1022 $39
K&M 23750 Two-Piece Microphone Boompole $49
Kata VA-801-11 Canon XL Raincover $49
Kenwood TKR-851 UHF Repeater $499
Kessler Crane Cineslider (60.5") Kit w/ Accessories $1,399
Kramer 1:1 Computer Graphics Video Line Amp $99
Kramer VM-4HDXL 1:4 3G HD-SDI Video Distribution Amplifier $149
K-TEK K-152 Boom Pole 12' No Cable $399
Lambda Isolated DC/DC Converter 60W/12V/5A Din Rail $129
Lambda Isolated DC/DC Converter DSP100-1 $129
Lastolite LR3041 30" Collapsible Reflector Gold/White $15
LAWO V_Pro8 Video Processor 8 Channel $6,999
Leader LCG-396 NTSC Pattern Generator $99
Leader LV5330 SD/HD-SDI Test Monitor $3,599
Leader LV5333 Multi SDI Waveform Monitor - 3G/HD/SD SDI $4,999
Leader LV5770 Portable 3G/HD/SD-SDI Waveform Monitor w/Eye Pattern $5,999
Leader LV-5800 Multi Monitor HD/SD Input & DVI Output $4,599
Leader LV-5800 Vectorscope Monitor w/Digital Audio, Composite In, Eye Pattern & SDI Option $3,999
Lectrosonics IFBR1A Wireless IFB Receiver Bodypack $399
Lectrosonics Octopack-L Dock for 4 SRA/SRA5P Receivers $1,299
Lectrosonics REFSWITCH External Mute Toggle Switch $149
Lectrosonics SMDA (B 24) Wireless Transmitter Bodypack $599
Lectrosonics SMV (B 25) Wireless Transmitter Bodypack $799
Lectrosonics SRB5P Wireless Receiver ENG Dual CH $1,399
Lectrosonics T2 (B 21) Wireless IFB Transmitter ENG $899
Lectrosonics UCR411A Series Wireless Receiver ENG $1,099
Lectrosonics UM200 Series (B 21) Wireless Transmitter Bodypack $249
Lectrosonics UM250C Transmitter (b 21) $399
Lectrosonics UM400A Series Wireless Transmitter Bodypack $899
Lectrosonics Venue VRT Wireless Receiver Tracking Module $375
Lectrosonics WM (B 20) Watertight Beltpack Transmitter $1,199
Leitch 16x1 Control Panel $199
Leitch 16x16 XY Panel $129
Leitch DTD-5225-R Red 2RU Time Clock $299
Leitch RCP-32X8 Button Panel $199
Leitch RCP-CCS-1U Remote Control Panel $99
Leitch SBA Switcher $199
Lexicon MX400-Dual Stereo/Surround Reverb Processor $249
Linksys 10/100 16-Port VPN Router $299
LitePanel 906-3001 Sola 12 Fresnel $1,499
Litepanels (900-3000) 1x1 CTO 6Pc Gel Set w/Bag $79
Litepanels (900-3015) 1x1 AB Gold-Mount Battery Adapter Plate $99
Litepanels (903-1063) 1x1 LS Bi-Color Flood LED Light $599
Litepanels (906-1002) Sola ENG Fresnel LED Camera Light $399
Litepanels (906-2004) Sola 6C Fresnel LED Light $399
Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Color Flood (3200K/5600K) $699
Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Focus Flood/Spot (5600K) $499
Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Focus Spot/Superspot $499
Litepanels MiniPlus D-Flood 5600k $299
Livestream Studio HD550 4K DEMO $8,999
Losmandy Sierra Portable Dolly w/Case & Track $2,499
Lowel Light Stand $49
Mackie Onyx 1640 Mixer $599
Manfrotto 035RL Super Clamp w/Stud $29
Manfrotto 503 Tripod Head $69
Matthews 3 Riser C-Stand $75
Matthews 6'x6' Snap-A-Part Frame $999
Matthews C-Stand 20" w/Turtle Base $75
Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E-Mount Speed Booster ULTRA $249
Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Speed Booster $299
Midas Venice 320 32 Channel Live Studio Console $999
Middle Atlantic WRK-40-32 40RU, 32" D Rack $599
Miranda Kaleido Alto Multi-Image Display Processor $1,099
Mitsubishi P500 Video Copy Processor $399
Moxa ICF-1150I-S-SC SM Serial to SC Fiber Converter $349
MTO AudioSlicker Audio Raincover $99
MTO Shooter Slicker Camera Raincover $199
NEC AccuSync AS191 LCD Monitor $99
NEC P553 55" MultiSync LCD 1080p Monitor $799
NEC V421 MultiSync 42" LCD HD Monitor $299
NEC V421 MultiSync 42" LCD Monitor $299
Netgear JFS516 ProSafe 16-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch $69
Neumann KM 184 Cardioid Condensor Microphone $499
NEXO GEO S830 8" Vert/Hor Array Module 30Deg $1,399
NEXO GEO S8320 8" Vert/Hor Array Module 30Deg $1,399
NEXTO Di Nexto Extreme (500GB) $249
Nextro Expreme ND270500G Extreme Speed Backup Hard Drive $99
OpAmp Labs A24/B Audio Only Press Bridge $199
Opteka OPT-SC37FE .3X HD Ultra Fisheye Lens $49
PAG 9965LD Light with LED, Dimmer, D-Tap Lead, 20" $399
PAG Light Varilux Light Kit w/Power Arc & Pelican Case $149
Pan AG-HPX500 Camera $2,499
Panasonic AG-HMX100P Multi-Format HD/SD Digital A/V Mixer $2,499
Panasonic AG-HPX500P w/ENG VF & 2-32GB P2 Cards $2,499
Panasonic AG-HVX200P w/16GB P2 Card & Accessories $899
Panasonic AJ-HD1400 VTR DVCPro HD $899
Panasonic AJ-HD3700B D5 HD Mastering VTR $3,499
Panasonic AJ-HDC27FP Camera w.AJ-HVF27P VF $1,199
Panasonic AJ-HDX900 Professional HD Camcorder $1,799
Panasonic AJ-HPM200 P2 HD Mobile w/DVCPRO HD $2,999
Panasonic AJ-MC700 Microphone $50
Panasonic AJ-P2E064XG 64GB E Series P2 Card $249
Panasonic AJ-PCD30 USB 3.0 P2 Drive $599
Panasonic AJ-RC10G Camera Remote Control Unit $1,999
Panasonic AV-HS450 16 Input HD/SD Switcher Main Frame $11,999
Panasonic AW-HE130W PTZ HD/3G-SDI Camera, White $5,999
Panasonic AW-PH405 Heavy Duty Indoor Pan and Tilt Head $2,999
Panasonic AW-PH650 Weatherproof Outdoor Pan/Tilt Housing $9,999
Panasonic AW-RP120 PTZ Camera Controller $2,499
Panasonic BT-LH910 9" LCD HD/SD Field Monitor $1,199
Panasonic DMR-E60GK Multi-Standard DVD Recorder $199
Panasonic LQ-MD800 Pro DVD Video Recorder $499
Panasonic SHAN-TM700 Tripod Adapter Plate $150
Panasonic TH-70LF50U 70" 1080p HD LED Monitor $2,999
Panasonic TY-FB10HD HD-SDI Input Board w/Audio $899
Panasonic VW-W4307H 0.7x Wide Angle Conversion Lens $49
Panasonic WJ-225R Video Switcher $49
Panasonic WV-LZA61/2 Lens $89
Pesa 32x Cougar Audio Matrix $499
Pesa Cougar 32 x 32 2CH Audio Video Router $499
Pesa RCP-48 Control Panel $149
Pesa RCP-MLDT XY Panel $149
Pesa RCPXY Rotary X/Y Control Panel $199
Petrol PCW-6 View Finder Dust Cover $99
Petrol PMH-6 Mini Hood for 7-8" LCD Monitors $75
Petrol PRC-25/PR425 Raincover for Large Full Size Cameras $75
Phonak Invisity (B 164) 1 Ch Flex Wireless Receiver Earpiece $649
Phonak Invisity (B 164) 1 Ch. Flex Wireless Receiver Earpiece $649
Phonak Invisity (B 214) 1 Ch Flex Wireless Receiver Earpiece $649
Phonak Roger BaseStation $1,840
Phonak Roger Earpiece $1,530
Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic $1,530
Portabrace 325H8 Camera Rain Cover $99
PortaBrace HK-1 Hiker Camera Case $299
Portabrace MXC-552R1 Audio Case $99
Preston Digital Micro Force2 Zoom Control $1,599
PSC Breakaway Snake for SD442 Mixer $199
Quick Release Sony VCT-13 $175
Rane DA-216S-2x16 Splitter/Dist Amp $399
Raytec PBC-1 Pole Bracket Clamp $49
Raytec RayMax 120-180Deg Platinum Adaptive Illumination 850nm $599
Raytec RayMax 30-90Deg Platinum Adaptive Illumination, 850nm $999
Raytec RayMax 50-100Deg Platinum Adaptive Illumination 850nm $599
Raytec RayMax 50-180Deg Platinum Adaptive Illumination 850nm $999
Red Rock Micro One Man Crew $799
Redrock Micro Montorized Parabolic Slider w/Tilt Head $499
RME Hammerfall DSP Multiface $149
RPS Studio Softbox $199
RTS BOP 220 Connector Translation Assembly $299
RTS DKP-16CLD w/RC Desktop Keypanel Color Display 16 Key $1,699
RTS IFB-828 8-CH IFB Panel w/Volume Controls $799
RTS KP-32 KEYPANEL 32-Position $1,599
RTS KP-32 Keypanel 5F w/RVON and RC 32 Key $1,999
RTS MCE-325 User Programmable User Station $399
RTS Model 4012-115 System Interconnect $199
RTS Model 410 10 Watt Monitor Amplifier $129
RTS Model 444 Dual Buffer Amplifier $49
RTS Model 465 Microphone Preamplifier $49
RTS Model 810 Master Station $199
RTS Model 865 Central Matrix Panel $199
RTS Model VIE 306 Station Iso Electronics $149
RTS MRT 327 2-Channel User Station $199
RTS PS-31 TW Intercom System Power Supply $449
RTS PS-8 Intercom System Power Supply (2 in Rack) $449
RTS RMS 300 Rackmount TW Intercom System User Station $49
RTS SPA 6155 Rack Mount Speaker $59
RTS TWI222/TWI225 2-Wire Intercom System Interface $49
RTW 31900S Surround Monitor Controller w/HD/SD SDI Interface $3,599
Rycote 010301 S-Series Kit for Sennheiser MKH 416 $99
Rycote 010604 Windshield 4 for Sennheiser MKH 416/816 $199
Sachtler 5396 Monopod 2CF w/Betacam Quick Release System $499
Sachtler DV-4 Fluid Head $899
Sachtler System Soom XL $1,499
Sachtler Video 20 S1 Fluid Head $4,999
Sachtler Video V-20P Fluid Head $4,999
Sachtler Video V-20SB Fluid Head $5,899
Sanken COS-11D Omni Lavalier Microphone $219
Schoeps MK 3 Omni Condenser Capsule High Frequency Response $1,299
Schoeps MK 41 Super Cardioid Condenser Capsule $1,299
Scientific Atlantic PowerVu Commercial Satelite Rec'r Model D9223 $99
Sennheiser A 2003 Passive Wideband Antenna $179
Sennheiser A1031-U Omnidirectional Antenna $149
Sennheiser EK 3241 Wireless Receiver $699
Sennheiser HSP2 Omni Electret Condenser Headset Microphone Beige $399
Sennheiser ME 66 Supercardioid Condenser Capsule $299
Sennheiser ME5002 Omni Condenser Capsule for SKM5000 $225
Sennheiser MKE 2 Omni Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone $199
Sennheiser MKE Platinum Omni Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone Black 3PLemo $499
Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone $599
Sennheiser MKH 50 Supercardioid Condenser Microphone $899
Shure Axient (AXT910) Lithium Ion Battery $125
Shure FP16 Audio 1x6 Distribution Amplifier w/AC $49
Shure HA-8089 Helical Antenna (480-900MHz) $459
Shure PG88 Dual Wireless Receiver w/2 PG1 Transmitters $349
Shure RPW184 KSM9 Switchable Condenser Cartridge for Shure Wireless $449
Shure SLX4 Diversity Receiver w/SLX1 Beltpack, H5 518-542 MHz $399
Shure UA845-SWB Active Antenna Splitter $549
Shure UR2 (H4/B 518) Wireless Transmitter Handheld $349
Shure VP88 Stereo M-S Condenser Microphone $399
Shure WL51B Cardioid Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone Black TA4F $299
Shutter Boss II RC-CSII Remote Switch with Digital Timer for Cannon 3 Pin connection $29
Sierra Video 88V5S Pro XL 8X8 Wideband Video/Stereo Audio Switcher $2,299
Signamax 10/100 Fiber Media Converter $65
SmallHD 502 HDMI/SDI 5" LCD On-Camera Monitor $699
SmallHD AC7 SDI 7" LCD Monitor $699
SmallHD DP7-Pro HB 7" Field Monitor Sony-L w/X-Port $699
Sony BVM-E170, Trimaster EL OLED Master Monitor $7,999
Sony CA-327 Camera Adaptor $49
Sony CA-4000 4K Live Fiber Camera Adaptor $9,999
Sony CA-905L Large Lens Adaptor $1,599
Sony CCU-550A Camera Control Unit $299
Sony DNW-A28 Digital VideoCassette Recorder $299
Sony DNW-A75 Betacam SX Studio Recorder w/Playback $50
Sony DVF-EL100 OLED Color View Finder $2,599
Sony DVFL-350 3.5" Color LCD Viewfinder for (F5/F55) $1,999
Sony DVP-NS57P CD/DVD Player $49
Sony DVW-510 Digital Betacam Video Cassette Player $1,299
Sony ECM-680S Stereo M-S Condenser Shotgun Microphone $349
Sony EV-200R B/W One Inch Videocorder $299
Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Lens $1,599
Sony FWD-55B2 55" Full HD LED Backlit Monitor $999
Sony FWDS42H2 42" HD LCD w/LED Backlight $999
Sony FWD-S55H2 55" Full HD LED-Backlit Monitor $1,999
Sony HDC-1500R Fiber Camera w/ENG Viewfinder $23,999
Sony HDC-3300R HD Super Slo-Motion Camera $29,999
Sony HDR FX-7 Mini-DV Handycam Camera $699
Sony HDVF-C30W HD 2.7" Color LCD Viewfinder $2,099
Sony HDVF-C730 Multi-Format HD Color LCD Viewfinder $3,999
Sony HDVF-C750W HD 5" LCD Studio Viewfinder $4,599
Sony HDW-D2000 HDCAM VTR $4,999
Sony HSR-2 Digital Surveillance Recorder $99
Sony HXC-100 HD Camera w/ENG Viewfinder $19,999
Sony HXR-MC1 Ditgital HD Video Camera Recorder $999
Sony LC1500TH Thermodyne Carring Case for HDC $149
Sony LMD-2451WHD 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor w/BKM243HS $1,899
Sony PDW-F1600 XDCAM HD Disc Recorder $5,999
Sony PDW-F800 Professional XDCAM HD422 Camcorder $9,999
Sony PDW-HR1/MK1 XDCAM Field Deck w/SxS Card Slot $8,999
Sony PMW-F3 Super 35mm Full‑HD Compact Camcorder $2,599
Sony PremierPro SDM-P234 DVI Monitor w/HD-SDI Processor $560
Sony RCP-750 Remote Control Panel $1,999
Sony RM-B750 Remote Paint Control w/LCD Display $2,399
Sony SBACUS10 SxS Memory Card USB Reader $99
Sony SBAC-US20 USB 3.0 SxS Memory Card Reader/Writer $149
Sony SBAC-US30 SxS Memory Card USB 3.0 Reader/Writer $199
Sony Vario-Tessar T FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens $699
Sony VCT-14 Camera Plate $175
Sony VO-9850 Video Cassette Recorder $999
Sound Devices 442 Portable 4 Channel Field Mixer $849
Sound Devices 552 5x2 Analog Portable Mixer $1,599
Sound Devices 664 Field Production Mixer/Recorder 12CH $2,999
Sound Devices PIX-270i Rack-Mount Video Recorder/Player w/Time Code $3,999
Sound Devices PIX-CADDY2 for PIX260i/270i 2.5" SSD Drive $139
Soundcraft D/SR16 Multi-Channel Mixer $75
Spidergrips (SP2-15) Handsets w/ 15mm Studio Rod Center Bracket $699
Spidergrips Cross Support w/ 15mm Studio Rod Center Bracket $599
SPL SMC 2489 Surround Monitor Controller $299
StarTech USB VGA KVM Console Extender Reciever $299
Stratos HD VMCR-18 Frame $1,299
Studio Tech M5152 Video Gen/Audio Embedder Module w/Optical I/O (1310 nm) $899
Studio Tech Model 76DB/77B 5.1 Surround Monitoring System $1,599
StudioComm Model 76 Central Controller $1,899
Tally Ho Systems Matrix 128 $699
Tandberg TT 1260 SD Satellite Receiver $75
Tannoy Reveal Active Studio Monitor $89
Tascam DA-88 $99
Tascam HD-P2 Portable Stereo Audio Recorder $449
Tektronix WFM7120 HD/SD SDI Waveform Monitor $3,999
Telebyte 365 Converter $39
Telecast EEL Power Supply $99
Telecast HDX-ST (Sony) Powered Camera Adapter $3,599
Telecast LD-2-BS LDK Base Station Module w/ADC Connector $1,499
Telecast SHED-BS-ST SHED Base Station End $699
Telemetrics DS-4 Device Server-Ethernet $499
Telex BTR-800 Dual Channel Wireless Intercom Base $2,999
Telex PS-2001L Dual-Channel Power Supply $125
Telex TR-700 UHF 1 Ch Beltpack w/A4M Connetor (C3) $899
Telex TR-800 (b C3) Dual Channel Single Listen Wireless Belt Pack $899
Telex TR-825 Dual Channel Dual Listen Wireless Belt Pack $1,399
Teradek Bolt Pro 300 3G-SDI/HDMI Receiver $599
Teradek Bolt Pro 300 3G-SDI/HDMI Transmitter $1,599
Teradek Cube 155 HD-SDI Transmitter/Encoder $699
Teradek Cube-355 HD-SDI Receiver/Decoder with WiFi $649
Tierman TUI10 MPEG-2 Transport Stream Universal Interface $99
Tiernan TE6000A Prof MPEG 2 Modular Encoder $1,499
Tram TR50B Omni Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone Black TA5F $199
Tram TR50B Omni Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone White 3PLemo $199
Tripp-Lite CS-138A 8 Port KVM Switch $149
TV Logic LQM-241W 24" HD/SD Quad LCD Monitor w/WF Vector $2,299
TV Logic LVM-071-2RMK Dual 7" Multi-Format HD/SD Monitor w/ WF/Vector $1,399
TV Logic LVM-173W 17" Multi Format LCD Monitor $1,299
TV Logic LVM-173W-3G 17" Multi Format LCD Monitor $1,699
TV Logic LVM-212W 21" Multi-Format HD/SD-SDI Monitor $1,849
TV Logic LVM-246W 24" Multi-Format 3G LCD Monitor $2,199
TV Logic PRM-434A Quad 4.3" Multi Format LCD Monitor $1,899
TV Logic PRM-503A Triple 5" Multi Format LCD Monitor $1,899
TV Logic PRM-902A Dual 9" Multi Format HD/SD Monitor w/ WF/Vector $1,599
TV Logic XVM-245W 24" Color Critical LCD Monitor $3,699
TV One VS-226 HDMI to CV/SV/Stereo Down Converter $299
ViaLiteHD HRC-1 Monitor/Controller Module $1,599
ViaLiteHD HRU-D1 RF Link, Dual Transmitter (1310nm) $4,599
ViaLiteHD HRV-D1 RF Link, Dual Receiver $2,999
Videotek RS-12 DVA $49
Vinten 3497-3B Heavy-Duty OB Skid Dolly $999
Vinten 3902-3 HDT-2 Two Stage Heavy Duty Tripod w/ Case $2,999
Visions Cube HD-SDI 1080i 59.94FPSCamera, (VCIMC-922D) $399
Wendt Inc. X5 Mixer $399
Westcott 1880 Scrim Jim Clamp $139
Westcott 42 x 42" Silver/White Fabric Panel $99
Westcott 42" x 42" 3/4-Stop Diffusion Fabric $99
Wisycom BPA42HPN Stand Alone Rear Panel $99
Wohler AMP1A-30 2Ch Analog Audio Monitor 1R $690
Wohler AMP1A-Plus Active Rackmount Stereo Audio Monitor $569
Wohler AMP1-DA/106 2CH AES/Analog Audio Monitor, 1RU $1,030
Wohler AMP1-S8MDA 8CH HD/SD-SDI, Analog, AES/EBU Audio Monitor $1,499
Wohler AMP1-SDA 2CH SD-SDI Audio Monitor, 1RU $1,250
Wohler AMP1-SDA Active 2CH Stereo Speaker Monitor $1,250
Wohler AMP2A-10S Monitor Speaker $849
Wohler AMP2SDA SDI/AES/Analog Stereo Monitor $1,330
Wohler Amp2-VSDA $1,730
Wohler AMP2-VSDA 4CH SD-SDI Audio Monitor, 2RU $1,730
Wohler E MON-1/M 8CH Dolby E/Dig/PCM Audio Monitor $4,520
Wohler HDM-215-3G-TT 21.5" LCD Video Monitor $1,430
Wohler HDM-215-3G-TT 21.5" LCD Video Monitor $1,430
Wohler MADI-8 MADI Monitor $699
Wohler MPEG-4290 Dual 9" LCD MPEG Rackmount Video Monitor $4,749
Wohler RDM-173-3G $1,380
Wohler RM-3270W-HD Dual 7.0" Widscreen LCD Video Monitor $1,330
Wohler RMT-170e-HD LCD Monitor $1,480
Wohler RMT-200-HD LCD Monitor $1,570
Wohler VAMP AC-3/M Audio/Video Monitor $2,470
Wohler VMDA-4 Digital/Analog 4 Channel Audio Monitor w/AC $499
Wohler VMDA-SUM8 8-Channel Analog/Digital Continuity Monitor $799
Yamaha PM4000-48 channel Analog Mixing Console $1,199
Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x for 3.2" Screens $249
Zacuto Zgrip Relocator for Canon C300 $189
Zaxcom RX4900 (B25) Wireless Receiver Rackmount 4-Ch $2,999
Zaxcom RX4900 Wireless Receiver Rackmount Four Channel $2,999
Zaxcom RX900S (B 21) Wireless Receiver ENG $999
Zaxcom TRX900 Wireless Transceiver (B21) $999
Zaxcom TRX900AA Transceiver $999